Marang Trail: Visit Faber Peak, Henderson Waves and Forest Walk in one hike

Marang Trail: Visit Faber Peak, Henderson Waves and Forest Walk in one hike

Marang Trail: Visit Faber Peak, Henderson Waves and Forest Walk in one hike

One of my favourite places in Singapore is the Southern Ridges, which comprises 10km of parks, lush forests, and architectural marvels. If you only have time to do one hike in Singapore, this will be it! Even for locals, it’s a great respite from the city.

The series of trails starting at the Marang Trail connect some of the most iconic places in Singapore – Faber Peak with an excellent view of the bay area; Henderson Waves, a pedestrian bridge with a distinct undulating form; and the Forest Walk, an elevated walkway that brings you through the canopy of the forest in the Telok Blangah Hill Park.

The hike is moderate and manageable, even if you have not been exercising regularly. For most parts of the hike, the ground is flat or just has a gradual incline. The most grueling section is the Marang Trail with its consecutive flights of steps.

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Start the Southern Ridges hike from Marang Trail

Marang Trail Starting Point

Make your way to the starting point – Marang Trail. You can access Marang Trail from Harbourfront station exit D. It is the final stop on the North-East line and Circle line. There’s a carpark right next to the trailhead too, for people who are driving.

To see the three main sights, you will need to complete about 3km which took us over an hour at a leisurely pace. There are well-placed signs along the entire route; you’ll really have to try hard to get lost.

Side note: you can always do the entire trail in reverse but I prefer to get the legwork out of the way before enjoying the sights.

Marang Trail (0.35km)

Starting at Marang Trail, we first had to climb a series of steps through the forest to ascend Mount Faber. The steps are well-maintained and railings have recently been installed to improve the safety of the trail.

Marang Trail, Singapore

The steps will take you up an elevation of 70 metres amidst towering trees. That’s about 24 levels! It feels much less than that though.

If steps are not your department, an alternative will be to take the cable car from Harbourfront cable car station at Harbourfront Tower 2 (beside Vivocity) to Mount Faber. Prices range from $19.20 to $35 per person for a round trip. I couldn’t find options for a one-way trip on the website.

Faber Peak (0.8km)

View from Faber Peak

Faber Walk, Singapore

After conquering the flights of stairs, you will find yourself at Faber Peak, the summit of Mount Faber, a modest hill. Take in the gorgeous views while walking along the sheltered Faber walk that’s almost always covered in pretty blooms.

View from Faber Peak

On one side, you can see the bay area of the country. The sharp-eyed ones will see the Merlion Statue from afar.

On the other side, you’ll see the various public housing estates of Singapore. I lived in such estates all my life but there’s always something beautiful every time I see them.

Continue to Henderson Waves Bridge (0.3km)

Henderson Waves, Singapore

An impressive pedestrian bridge with a distinctive wavelike shape, the Henderson Waves Bridge stands 36 metres above Henderson Road, making it the highest pedestrian bridge in Singapore.

You can see the sculptural bridge from afar along Faber Walk.

Its undulating shape is not only visually interesting but also forms alcoves along its length to shelter pedestrians from the weather. If you’ve flown on Singapore Airlines in the past few years, you will also recognise this bridge from the safety video. (Side note again: I love the Singapore Airlines safety video!)

Forest Walk (1.3km)

Forest Walk, Singapore

After crossing the Henderson Waves Bridge, you will enter the Forest Walk. The Forest Walk comprises a series of metal bridges that weave through the crowns of the trees. Rather than trudging the forest floor, you get to view the forest from above.

The metal bridge features a perforated floor which makes cling-clang sounds as you walk on them. Sounds scary but definitely not. I’ve seen parents carrying babies and pushing prams on the Forest Walk!

After the Forest Walk

We usually end our hike after the Forest Walk but there are options to continue if you want to extend your hike.

Continue to Labrador Park (0.9 to 5.4km)

Labrador Park

Labrador Park

From Forest Walk, head down to the main road and walk towards Labrador Station. Entering Labrador Park, you’ll get to see a mangrove swamp from the boardwalk. Continue on to the Labrador nature reserve for the undisturbed scenery with its rocky shores, which also mark the closest distance between the main island of Singapore and Sentosa.

Continue to Kent Ridge Park (3.2 to 3.5km)

Another alternative is Kent Ridge Park. From Forest Walk, cross the Alexandra Arch to enter HortPark. HortPark is the perfect place for a family day out with its flat grounds and meticulously maintained lawns. The park focuses on horticulture trends and tips but anyone can enjoy the flowers and plants.

From HortPark, head towards Kent Ridge Park to get on the Canopy Trail. The trail is a 280-metre boardwalk that breaks through the canopy of the forest.

Hop over to Gilman Barracks

If you’re done with parks, why not visit Gilman Barracks instead? Get back to the main road from the Forest Walk and walk along the road towards Labrador Station. Along the way, you’ll find the entrance to Gilman Barracks. The Gilman Barracks is a contemporary arts cluster that has found its home in this former military barracks. The cluster hosts several galleries and interesting art exhibitions, sometimes by local artists. It’s definitely a place to visit for the arts lover.

Hopscotch will be a good choice for a meal in the barracks and definitely don’t miss the ice cream at Creamier. One of my favourite ice cream cafes in Singapore (others include Tom’s Palette and Kook Creamery), Creamier serves a mean selection of ice cream that goes well with their waffles.

Or just head back to the train station to your next destination

Vivocity and Habourfront Centre (2 train stations away)

Elemen, Sing

Treat yourself to a meal at Elemen in Harbourfront Centre, a vegetarian fusion restaurant that serves an excellent five-/eight-course meal. My favourite main course is the shiitake sushi roll with tofu tempura! A meal here will set you back by S$35 (USD25). After the meal, take your time to explore the Vivocity mega-mall next door.

Haw Par Villa (2 train stations away)

Haw Par Villa Singapore

Visit this unique cultural park featuring dioramas and sculptures that expound traditional Chinese morals and values. It’s weird, quirky and gives you a glimpse into Chinese culture.

Preparing for your Southern Ridges hike

Singapore’s weather can be vicious sometimes so make sure you:

  • diligently apply sunscreen
  • wear a cap if you wish
  • bring a water bottle to stay hydrated

Also, wear proper shoes and breathable activewear to get you through the route and heat. Have fun!

If you’re up for it, try the 36km Coast-to-Coast trail which just opened earlier this year in March!

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