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free 10-day japan itinerary (japan, tokyo, osaka, nara)

I did my first trip to Japan in 2016, covering some of the popular areas such as Tokyo, Osaka, Kyoto and Nara. I believe some of you are also planning for your first trip there and may need some help to start. I’ve done up a detailed schedule in 30-minute blocks with notes on price and directions. To get access to the itinerary, simply drop your email and a link to the spreadsheet will be emailed to you. 😀 You can also read the blog posts of the trip in the links below.

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First time to Japan

10-day itinerary to Japan

Day 2: What not to miss at Tokyo DisneySea

Day 3: Day trip from Tokyo – Lake Kawaguchiko

Day 6: Day trip to Kyoto

Day 7: Universal Studios Japan: Review of rides and attractions

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