Hue to Hoi An Motorbike Tour with Hue Adventures

Hue to Hoi An Motorbike Tour with Hue Adventures

Hue to Hoi An Motorbike Tour with Hue Adventures

This was probably the most impromptu thing we did on our entire Vietnam trip. After spending one day in Hue, our next destination was Hoi An. While we knew we would do just be getting around on foot in Hoi An, we had absolutely no idea how to get from Hue to Hoi An. 😂

Through some googling, we found out that motorcycle tours were pretty popular in Vietnam. And so, with the credentials of being the first few results with many positive reviews on Google, we decided on Hue Adventures, and emailed them at 2AM the day before. With some back and forth, we only confirmed our booking at 11PM the night before our motorbike tour from the city of Hue to Hoi An.

We woke up feeling rather apprehensive, not knowing if Hue Adventures would send their guides and motorbikes at 8AM.

Hue Adventures Motorbike Tour


Our luggages were pretty big but the friendly guides from Hue Adventures managed to slim it down and tied them securely to each of their bikes. In case it wasn’t evident in the photo, the luggage was super secured. And off we go! Starting from Hue, we would make various stops before arriving in Hoi An in the evening.

Fishing Village 02 Hue Adventure Motorbike Tour Vietnam Hoi An

This is one of the fishing lagoons we saw while having a brief stopover for coffee (included in the tour).

Elephant Waterfall (Suol Voi)

BBQ Frog Elephant Waterfall Hue Adventure Motorbike Tour Vietnam Hoi An

To be honest, we didn’t do much research on the places we were visiting enroute Hoi An. They drove us past dirt roads and weaved between the trees in the mountains. Could have caused a mini panic attack (paranoia striked!) but we spotted people after a while, which kinda put us slightly at ease). Heard from our tour guides that the people in the photo above were grilling frogs. 😖

It was a pleasant surprise (and relief) when we finally arrived at our first stop – Elephant Waterfall. A water park built around the natural landscape, it was a favourite local haunt for families and friends. It is not uncommon to see families lugging picnic mats and boxes of food to enjoy the day out at the springs.

Elephant Waterfall Springs Suol Voi Hue Adventure Motorbike Tour Vietnam Hoi An

Elephant Springs Suol Voi Hue Adventure Motorbike Tour Vietnam Hoi An

Elephant Waterfall Springs Suol Voi 01 Hue Adventure Motorbike Tour Vietnam Hoi An

The waters were clean and absolutely refreshing to dip into on a hot day. Too bad we didn’t prepare swimsuits or extra clothing. I would absolutely return here if I get the chance to!

Elephant Waterfall Springs Suol Voi 02 Hue Adventure Motorbike Tour Vietnam Hoi An

Hai Van Pass

Next, we tackled the Hai Van Pass, which can be translated as Sea Cloud pass. A 20+ km highway that winds and weaves into the mountains, though dangerous, presents one of the most breathtaking views of the trip. On the way up, it literally was fog and mist around the pass but thankfully the visibility on the roads was clear.

On the way up Hai Van Pass Deer Hue Adventure Motorbike Tour Vietnam Hoi An

Spotted this deer on the way up to the peak☝

And here we are, finally at the peak of Hai Van Pass:

Hai Van Pass

Yes, it was really foggy.

It was fortunate that visibility improved as we rode down the pass and we were able to catch these breathtaking views:

Hai Van Pass Ocean Hue Adventure Motorbike Tour Vietnam Hoi An

Hai Van Pass Scenery Hue Adventure Motorbike Tour Vietnam Hoi An
White Flowers Hai Van Pass Hue Adventure Motorbike Tour Vietnam Hoi An

My Khe Beach in Da Nang

We crossed the Han River Bridge on our way into Da Nang…

Cau Song Han Han Bridge Hue Adventure Motorbike Tour Vietnam Hoi An

And arrived at My Khe Beach.

Danang China Beach Hue Adventure Motorbike Tour Vietnam Hoi An R & R Beach

The beach and waters were relatively clean and there was hardly anyone around. It would have been a great place to hang around if we were in beach-appropriate outfits and the sun wasn’t so blinding.

My Khe Beach Danang Vietnam

Marble Mountains

Warning: Ridiculous amount of stairs

We had a brief stopover for lunch before we arrived at Marble Mountains, which was our last stop in the tour before we arrived at Hoi An. Before we even saw the mountains, we were welcomed by an overwhelming amount of marble structures.

And the first sight of the Marble Mountains while our guides purchased the tickets, was this see-through elevator.

Lift - Danang Ngu Hanh Son Marble Mountains Hue Adventure Motorbike Tour Vietnam Hoi An

Yes, you read that right – an elevator leading you right up the mountains. As much as I wanted to be more sporting and climb up the mountains, my jelly legs were really grateful for this lift.

After the lift at - Danang Ngu Hanh Son Marble Mountains Hue Adventure Motorbike Tour Vietnam Hoi An

The elevator brings you up about 5 storeys high and you start exploring from there. You go downwards most of the time but occasionally there are observation spots to climb up. This view below was taken off the highest observation point.

Top View - Danang Ngu Hanh Son Marble Mountains Hue Adventure Motorbike Tour Vietnam Hoi An

We had to climb up a ridiculous amount of steep steep stairs to get to this point. Along the way, hordes of people gave up and of course there were people who reached the peak and returned, encouraging us with phrases like “almost there, almost there!”. Mostly lies I feel.

Scenary - Danang Ngu Hanh Son Marble Mountains

I wish I could convey the steepness with photos.

Steep Steps - Danang Ngu Hanh Son Marble Mountains Hue Adventure Motorbike Tour Vietnam Hoi An

We continued exploring the mountains and its various religious buildings.

Danang Marble Mountains

Most of the architecture was vibrant and intricate and simply amazing.

Temple - Danang Ngu Hanh Son Marble Mountains

Temple 02 - Danang Ngu Hanh Son Marble Mountains
Dragon Relief - Danang Ngu Hanh Son Marble Mountains

My thoughts on the motorbike tour from Hue to Hoi An

Motorbike View Hue Adventure Motorbike Tour Vietnam Hoi An
Remember to wear long pants!

Before I even delve into how good or bad the experience was, I have to, have to, have to emphasize to you to wear long pants. I received an irrevocable sun tan/burn from wearing shorts and went around looking like I wore thigh-high leggings for months.

Putting aside that horrible tan, I think the Hue to Hoi An motorbike tour by Hue Adventures was a great, cost- AND time-effective way to travel from city to city. Sure you could cover the distance at a lower cost, but paying USD50 per person to cover a significant number of attractions and locations along the way and not having to plan them was really bang for the buck. It was a major plus point that I enjoyed all the places they brought us to and there was no hard-sell stopovers. Plus entrance tickets were all covered. Plus again, prices seem to have lowered now with Hue Adventures.

Ending this post with an interesting tidbit: Vietnamese actually dry their rice on roads. So always wash your rice cleanly before you cook them! 👇

Rice Hue Vietnam

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  • Really stunning images. Love your post, but we can’t call the beach in Da Nang is China Beach, just name it My Khe Beach.

    • Eunice
      6 years ago

      Hi there, thanks for the feedback! Have updated the post. 🙂

  • 5 years ago

    Great post! I had no idea about this place in Vietnam! And the water park looks really fun!

    • Eunice
      5 years ago

      Thank you 🙂

  • 5 years ago

    Did the same trip, but we rented the car, I wasn’t brave enough to do on a motorbike 😉

    • Eunice
      5 years ago

      The motorbike was a far more economical option for my friend and I. I’m not too sure if we would have opted for it if the cost of a car was similar. But I’m glad we did! 🙂

  • What an interesting way to see the sites and get a bit off the path! Yeah pants on a motorcycle are always a good idea, sorry to read you got sunburnt. I think this is definitely something I’d be down for trying!

    • Eunice
      5 years ago

      I wish someone told me before that! 🙂

  • Mai
    5 years ago

    Wow, it is my home country but i have never been there. Reading your post makes me wanna visit it right away haha. Thank you for a very useful and informative post.

    • Eunice
      5 years ago

      Glad to have made you want to visit. 🙂

  • Jayne
    5 years ago

    It looks like you experienced some amazing places and it being on a motorbike makes it sound all the more cooler!

    • Eunice
      5 years ago

      Haha! Yes, it just feels more adventurous.

  • 5 years ago

    I always wondered how it’s possible to take luggage on a long motorbike trip and I’m so happy that reading this answered the question I never thought to ask haha.

  • 5 years ago

    I have done this trip, but not on a bike. The scenery is stunning and the view from the top of the pass is gorgeous.

  • Renata -
    5 years ago

    How interesting – brings back memories: I went the other way around from Hoi An to Hue by car so I got to see some of the places you are introducing….only in reverse order 🙂

  • These photos are absolutely beautiful! I keep reading more and more about Hoi An and Vietnam and I think the universe is telling me to go there! Thank you so much for sharing!

    • Eunice
      5 years ago

      You should! 🙂

  • 5 years ago

    I miss seeing that luggage on the motorbike along the streets in Indonesia! Quite exciting and the sceneries are beautiful!

  • 5 years ago

    Wonderful post! It reminds me my trip in Vietnam with cheap motorbikes we bought in Hanoi. Waterpark looks cool, I haven’t visited it 🙁 Did you go to an abandoned amusement / waterpark while in Hue? BTW, nice pictures, did you edit them ?

    • Eunice
      5 years ago

      Nope, never heard of the amusement park. I’ll look it up. Yep, the photos are edited in Lightroom. 🙂

  • 4 years ago

    It’s really great experience in Vietnam. I have been there. Unfortunately i couldn’t do that bcz im scare of motobike a bit. Especially in Vietnam 🙂 Haha. I hope so i can do that next time.

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