The Outcall Spa: Home massage service (with couple massage option!)

The Outcall Spa: Home massage service (with couple massage option!)

The Outcall Spa: Home massage service (with couple massage option!)

Fancy having a massage therapist provide a high-quality massage session in the comforts of your home? The Outcall Spa offers just that with their home-based spa services and an extensive in-house massage menu ranging from deep tissue to prenatal and postnatal massages, and even tui na!

So glad to have found the Outcall Spa when I was about 30-odd-week pregnant and experienced body aches and was desperately in need of some massage to soothe those knots. To be honest, I wasn’t particularly looking for home-based massage services but the massage companies that offered prenatal massages were all rather far from my location and it wouldn’t make sense for me to travel down, both in terms of time and cost. There just weren’t any reputable prenatal massage services near me and this is where Outcall Spa came in with their in-house mobile massage service! Helps to have this hotel-like experience too while we’re holed up in Singapore!

Booking the home-based massage

After checking out their stellar online reviews (4.8 on Google at the time of writing), I proceeded to WhatsApp them to enquire about their massage services and got a near-instant reply. I discovered them around Valentine’s Day too so I decided to go for the couple’s massage with a deep tissue one as a gift for my husband and a prenatal one for myself.

Originally priced at $388, there was an ongoing promotion for first-timers so we got a 15% discount and paid just $329.80 for two 90-minute sessions. It did seem pricey at first but we figured that the cost of cabbing to and fro to any massage businesses would have offset any savings I might have gotten.

What’s best is that I got to arrange for it the very next day! The problem sometimes with massage parlors is that I have to make bookings way in advance but not with Outcall Spa. I tried them again a second time and managed to get a slot within 3 days as well. Another highlight of Outcall Spa is its operating hours! Unlike the typical massage parlors, operating a mobile massage service also allows Outcall Spa to have more flexible hours and they allow bookings till 1 AM on weekdays and 2 AM on weekends.

Actual home massage experience with Outcall Spa

We were informed to make space for a 0.7 x 1.85m bed for each of us with some space around the bed for the masseur. Towel and oils were provided and our masseur also brought their own night lights with music for the ambience. You literally just had to get the space ready and strip down after the massage therapists get the beds ready!

The two masseurs arrived ahead of our appointment to set up the beds efficiently and were punctual to start our massages.

Outcall Spa Massage Bed
Pardon the mess in the room…

For the prenatal massage, I was told that they no longer used the specialized beds for pregnant ladies. Instead, you would be asked to lie down on your side. Having a bolster or a pillow would be good too and definitely more comfortable for the pregnant lady. The masseur was experienced and knew to avoid the tummy area while controlling the pressure on the nearby areas. She went hard on the neck and shoulder and the hips/thigh areas though which was much appreciated!

My husband also enjoyed the deep tissue massage with Outcall Spa and shared that the pressure was fantastic! Would definitely love to try it out myself in the future. Overall, we both enjoyed the at-home massage experience and would definitely do it again!

Discounts for the Outcall Spa home-based massage services

If you would love to try this, there are a couple of ways to get promotion rates with Outcall Spa and save some money.

You can purchase advance credits with them to get bonus credits. For example, they have a Fair Choice package where you will get $1,100 in your account when you purchase $1,000 credits.

They do still have 15% off for the first booking as well so remember to enquire if it’s not offered to you. 

Alternatively, I also found them on Klook and managed to book a 90-minute session for just $135 previously – that’s 30% off their usual rates! The listed price was $165 then and I used a Klook promotion code to get another $30 off.

The current rates on Klook have unfortunately gone up (I guess it’s because business is slowly recovering?) and it’s listed as $238, which is $40 more than the usual rates. If you do have a $50 off voucher, it would still be worth it so so keep a lookout for Klook discounts. I’m holding hopes that they would bring down the prices on Klook as well. 

Find out more or book a session with Outcall Spa here.

Book Outcall Spa on Klook


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